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        1. Qt is everywhere. Find great stuff on our various platform solutions such as for IoT in the resource center

          Target any operating system, on any device, on any screen

          Deploy to desktop and high-end embedded systems, ultra-low-end edge devices, or anything in between by counting on solid platform support. Squeeze the juice out of your hardware using cross-platform tooling to optimize performance on any thing.


          Just added the new low-end HW architecture to the product plan. VPs have given us a tight schedule ??


          OK, I’ve already tested our SW memory & CPU requirements. It can actually run on MCUs without too many changes.


          ?? I'll tell them we can deploy both our low and high-end devices on time then

          LG with WebOS are all-in when it comes to Qt – See the press release

          Minimize maintenance burden using a single code base

          Focus your time on innovation and improving your product’s UX. Let us do the grunt work of keeping up with changes to different platforms, eliminating sneaky bugs and building new features designed to keep you ahead of market demands.


          I’m worried about the stability of our target platform. Did you read the news? ??


          I did, but no worry, it’s easy to reuse our sw code on other OS


          ?? BTW when can I see it running on mobile?

          Learn more about how Yuneec stays lean and maintains its Qt code base for their drones

          Quickly get your application running on your target

          Boost your prototyping with a fully configured yet customizable reference software stack. Unify your toolchain across multiple operating systems and deploy directly to your embedded or mobile device with just one click.


          I’ve been trying to build my embedded sw stack for 3 freakin’ weeks now ??


          In our team, we use a ready-made sw stack, board support package out of the box. I can start profiling and performance optimizations fast.


          What framework are you using! ?? Gotta get me some of that

          Learn more about the Qt Digital Advertising solution here and schedule an evaluation today!

          Monetize your device with the Qt Digital Advertising Platform

          Turn any mobile application or embedded screen into a revenue generator with the Qt Digital Advertising Platform.

          • Create a new revenue stream from advertisers paying you to display their ads on your device
          • Improve your time-to-market with one unified platform from UI development to ad management
          • Hit the break-even point for your investment quicker and increase your overall ROI exponentially

          I finished building my embedded device with Qt and a companion mobile app. So easy with the one code base to build both! But as the app is free to download, I’d need some digital ads to monetize it. How do we do that?


          Why do you only want to monetize the app? Why not monetize the embedded screen as well?


          Wait, what? Can you monetize both? How does that work?


          Qt has a digital ad solution helping you monetize any screen built with Qt - mobile app or embedded screen. The more screens you monetize, the more ad revenue and the better the profits! Easy!


          Qt Framework

          Easily create connected devices, UIs and applications with native C++ performance. It’s powerful, yet compact, has intuitive tools, and libraries and will blow your mind!

          More on the Qt Framework Supported languages & platforms Qt Framework


          Qt ESSENTIALS

          The foundation of Qt on all platforms available on all supported operating systems. General and useful for most applications.

          Qt ADD-ONS

          Add value to your applications with specialized modules ranging from locations services, charts to 3D rendering.

          Qt Digital Advertising

          Monetize any screen or application built with Qt and generate new direct revenue streams, subsidize your investments and increase profit margins!

          Learn More



          Begin your Qt experience now