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        1. Transform your automation strategy

          Automation is happening fast. From industrial and service automation down to everyone's smart homes and devices. More and more devices will have to interoperate reliably and communicate with each other over safe channels – all with those great user experiences people have come to expect from their smart phones. 

          What if there was a way out of the jungle of global interoperability standard, to reduce costs and increase performance at the same time? Here's how you show your competition who's boss! 

          Try Qt M2M Protocols

          Take Automation to the Next Level

          Qt M2M Protocols is a collection of modular, scalable, secure software libraries, development tools and interoperability protocols geared to make automation software development with Qt even more cost- and time-efficient.


          Does 289% ROI, a 3 month payback, and 423K NPV sound nice for your CTO to invest in a cross-platform development framework? Forrester Total Economic Impact? Study* revealed that embedded development with Qt saves development time and resources. Learn how to analyze the massive impact development framework can have on a composite organization.  Unlock your competitive edge.

          The Total Economic Impact? Of Qt For Device Creation, a November 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Qt.

          Get the Forrester Total Economic Impact? Study"

          Discover the new study of embedded software development cost savings and business benefits with the Qt cross-platform framework through real-life use cases including automation that meet business goals.

          Qt Automation: At Land, Sea, in Your Home and Around Your Wrist

          Have a gander and read how our awesome customers used Qt to great success and watch demo videos about what makes Qt M2M Protocols special

          Ulstein’s success story

          Ulstein ship automation platform

          Ulstein’s modular and distributed architecture of enables efficient process handling.

          Read Ulstein’s success story

          CZone's success story

          CZone Digital Switching

          BEP Marine creates automation and modern industrial control interfaces for the Marine, Recreational Vehicle and Emergency Vehicle markets using Qt. 

          Parker Hannifin story
          Parker Application Manager
          Play video

          Showcase: Home Automation with Qt KNX

          Maurice Kalinowski shows a complete building automation demo based on Qt and KNX.

          Play video

          Showcase: IIoT connectivity with Qt MQTT

          Here's a cool demo where Maurice shows how Qt MQTT enables IIoT connectivity with cloud integration.

          Play video

          Showcase: Industrial HMI with OPC UA

          Demo of an industrial HMI built with Qt Quick and Qt OPC/UA. Qt OPC UA is a new module developed by The Qt Company and basysKom.

          Play video

          Qt WebGL

          Remote streaming and control of Qt Quick applications allows you to monitor and simultaneously control one or multiple devices directly in the same browser.

          Play video

          Qt for WebAssembly

          Qt for WebAssembly makes it possible to run Qt applications on many web browsers, without any download steps or special server requirements.

          Tailor-Made for Automation

          No matter the project, Qt can handle them all – and save you time and money in the process!

          Scale Up, Scale Down, Save Money

          Create software for anything from high-performance workstations down to the lowest-end MCUs. Qt reduces your BOM by minimizing your software's footprint, as well as memory and power consumption – without sacrificing performance!

          A Superior UX for your HMI solution

          Qt offers you a multitude of options for creating your UI, from intuitive touch-optimized controls to gorgeous 3D effects.

          Faster Iterations, Faster Time-To-Market

          Qt provides seperation of UI and backend development. Developers and designers can work together on the same code base, which lets you iterate faster towards your final product.

          95% less development time?

          "It was quite amazing for us to see that we were able to cut down the development time from 1000 - 1300 hrs to 50 hrs by being able to allow all developers and customers to work on the same IDE"
          - Rune Volden, R&D Manager, Ulstein Power & Control

          Read more

          On every automation developer's wish list:

          Qt M2M Protocols extends Qt’s device creation suite with the communication protocols and interoperability functionalities you need to create the greatest and most efficient embedded industrial systems possible.

          Qt SerialBus

          The Qt SerialBus API lets you integrate devices and peripherals using industrial serial buses and protocols.

          Control and monitor your automated industrial systems directly from Qt APIs CanBus and ModBus.

          Technical details

          Qt MQTT

          Lightweight, Reliable, Secure. The Publisher/Subscriber protocol QtMQTT simplifies the connectivity for Industrial IoT solutions and enables device communication and telemetry applications.

          Technical details

          Qt KNX

          Building automation made easy with Qt KNX protocol module allow to integrate different players in one framework.

          Technical details

          Qt OPC UA

          Next generation of Industry 4.0 applications with Qt-based client / server architecture.

          Technical details

          Remote UI on the Browser

          Access and control your Qt application remotely with Qt VNC,
          Qt Remote Objects, Qt WebGL, or Qt for WebAssembly. 

          Read blogpost

          Qt Design Studio

          A tool that both designers and developers love! Designers can now do live testing on target devices, and generate code and assets immediately usable by developers. 

          More about Qt UI Design Tools

          Create with Functional Safety in Mind

          TüV NORD certifies that you can use Qt to build functionally safe embedded industrial systems. We provide the code, tooling, safety manual, the certification artifacts and global services.

          Learn more

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          Hungry for more? Please check our à la carte menu of webinars, blog posts and documentation for more delicious information on automation with Qt.

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