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        1. Qt FOR AUTOMOTIVE

          The next generation of driver experience at your fingertips

          Beautiful performance

          With Qt, the user experience inside your car will always feel premium. Optimize every aspect of the digital cockpit, from more responsive HMIs, to smoother UI animations, faster startup times, and much more!

          Limitless scalability

          Design, develop, and deploy HMIs across the entire fleet. Use a single unified codebase to target any screen size, operating system, or hardware architecture – from MCUs to high-end GPUs, or even bare metal.

          Future-proof technology

          Trust our 25 years of experience, to provide you with the right tools to stay relevant in the market. We've always been aspiring to provide Qt users with the best technologies to address not only their current, but also their future requirements.

          Building a Digital Cockpit Concept with Qt

          Welcome to Outrun – an automotive UI demo

          Let us walk you through what it takes to design, develop and deploy a digital cockpit with Qt. With this demo we explore the upcoming trends of car HMI design and user experience.

          Learn more

          Hyundai Motor Company

          Genesis GV60 electric SUV
          digital cockpit

          View case

          MBUX hyperscreen
          innovation built with Qt

          View case

          Unified UX across the connected car

          • One toolchain for all screens and applications
          • Seamless connectivity across the cockpit
          • Scalable systems from MCUs to high-end hardware.
          • Future-proof solutions that meet your requirements now and in the future

          Explore Use Cases

          "We see the Qt application framework as an investment to future-proof our continued development."

          Mats N?slund,
          Embedded Project Manager at Koenigsegg

          10x productivity boost through accelerated development

          • Smooth collaboration across teams and organisations over a shared codebase.

          • Powerful tools for designers and developers to work in parallel.

          • Reuse code and designs across different car variants, platforms, and projects.

          Explore workflow benefits

          Industry leaders innovate with Qt

          Rimac Automobili


          View case

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          Start developing the HMI of the future, today.