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        1. Qt in Consumer Electronics

          High performance, rich graphics, and cross-platform support. Let your customers access content across multiple screens and devices, in their home, and on the go.

          Get Qt

          The Smarter Way

          Scale from connected devices with high-performance graphics to energy-efficient devices without GPUs: Qt helps you squeeze every last drop of performance out of your hardware.


          One man takes 160 hours to create a demo application of an embedded system using Qt & QML and the same number of hours to create the very equivalent application using HTML5. Discover how he compares the two technologies with respect to  development experience, performance, and software management and maintenance.

          Qt vs HTML5: A Practical Comparison

          Why Qt


          Gorgeous & Scalable End-User UIs

          No need to compromise. Create superior and fluid UIs for different devices and form factors. All with a single code base. 

          LG builds smart TVs with a Linux-kernel-based, multitasking operating system  the webOS platform.

          How LG uses Qt


          Cost Efficiency

          Eighty-four percent of Qt developers say they are more productive with Qt.

          Yuneec stays lean and maintains its codebase with just a small number of developers and saves ten times their development costs.

          How Yuneec uses Qt


          Shorter Time to Market

          Use existing code for new products thanks to cross-platform support instead of starting from scratch. The more platforms you target, the more time you save.

          The Sky Q premium home entertainment system is built with Qt.


          How Sky uses Qt

          Qt as a Technology Choice

          Qt comes with a complete IDE with integrated tools, libraries, and APIs – everything you need to provide high-end user experiences.

          Efficient Designer - Developer Workflow

          Qt streamlines your workflows at every stage of your project. Designers create and iterate prototypes to production-grade on real hardware so developers can focus on the application logic.

          Qt UI Design Tools

          Smaller Footprint, Same Performance 

          Optimized Qt applications boot fast. Qt C++ applications can run smoothly even on lower-cost hardware, which can drastically reduce your bill of materials (BOM) cost. 

          Qt for Embedded Devices

          Code Once - Deploy Everywhere

          Deploy on any HW platform and operating system - embedded, mobile, Web, desktop, hybrid - with minimal configuration efforts. This drastically saves development time.

          Supported Platforms

          Internationalization and Localization 

          Want your product to go international? Qt tools can save you countless headaches associated with language translations, currency conversions, calendar formats, and more.

          Learn more

          Qt Professional Services

          We've got your back across the entire development cycle with engineering services, training, workshops, and technical support. 

          Qt Professional Services

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          Make sure you're on the right track from day one with the right technology and expertise. 

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