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          Design & Develop Applications for Embedded Microcontrollers (MCUs)

          Qt for MCUs is a complete graphics framework and toolkit with everything you need to design, develop, test, and deploy GUIs on embedded MCUs. Run your application on bare metal or a real-time operating system.

          Get Started with MCUs

          • Smartphone-like UX
          • Reuse code across MCU/MPUs
          • Fast development with Qt’s tools and UI language

          Lightweight Graphics Engine

          Qt for MCUs graphics engine for QML-based UIs has a low footprint optimized for embedded microcontrollers.

          Save Time with Ultra-Light Controls

          Use our ready-made UI elements tailored to MCUs instead of creating them from scratch and customize them to fit your own branded look and feel.

          QML-to-C++ Conversion Tools

          Tools to convert QML-based UIs to native C++ code for embedded MCUs and other resource-constrained devices.

          An IDE Built for Productivity

          Boost your software development experience with Qt Creator, a responsive and intuitive cross-platform IDE featuring WYSIWYG UI design, a code editor with syntax completion, visual debugging & profiling tools, and more!

          Development Tools

          Design-lead development

          Qt Design Studio allows UI/UX designers to import designs from Photoshop, Sketch, and combine them with Qt's UltraLite controls, where you can bring them to life with easy-to-animation and prototyping tools. Even better, it turns your designs into QML code so developers can work on the application logic simultaneously. 

          Qt Design Studio


          Qt for MCUs' Internationalization and Localization tools help you with translating your software to other languages, adapting to different formats, and conquering international markets faster.

          End-user documentation

          Generate interactive end-user documentation embedded in your application with built-in search functionality.

          Qt for MCUs documentation

          Learn faster with extensive documentation at your fingertips. Access getting started guides, manuals, code examples, embedded hardware references and more within the tooling or online.   

          Online documentation

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          Get started with embedded development for MCUs


          Get started with Qt for MCUs

          Access a range of content to learn step-by-step how to create fluid, high-performance UI on microcontrollers with Qt.

          Download a free trial

          Access Qt for MCUs content

          Discover supported hardware platforms

          Expert articles on embedded development

          TEST DEMOS

          Try ready-made demos on your board!

          Download a pre-built demo image, check the how-to guide, and run the demo on embedded hardware from the brands shown below.

          Demos on STMicroelectronics Hardware

          Demos on NXP Hardware

          Demos on Renesas Hardware


          Port existing Qt apps to MCUs

          Download a free and über-helpful white paper and webinar on mastering the art of porting Qt Quick apps to MCUs.

          Access Content

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          Ready for your next MCU project?

          Sometimes, a little expert help goes a long way. Qt Professional Services are here to help you tackle your embedded and MCU challenges.

          • Porting to a new platform
          • Porting to a new RTOS
          • Creating a prototype for a specific platform
          • Extended support and maintenance.
          Contact our Experts

          Start building with Qt