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        1. Qt FOR DESKTOP

          Try the libraries and tools that deliver next-generation user experiences to your customers in record time.  


          Code Once, Deploy Everywhere

          Deploy a single code base on all major platforms with highly intuitive Qt APIs. Reuse modular library classes for any software project to save enormous amounts of development time.

          Productivity-enhancing tools

          Customize your development environment with a variety of tools that accelerate development and testing throughout your entire  application development life-cycle.

          Beautiful and responsive UIs!

          Impress users with smooth-looking 2D/3D UI applications. Ready-made UI libraries, modern design tooling, auto-scaling functionality, increase productivity without compromising on performance.



          Tableau, a leader in business intelligence and analytics, is changing the way people see and leverage data.

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          AMD has used the Qt framework in the creation of its Radeon Software Crimson Edition graphics package.

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          “Using Qt and QML allows us to dramatically cut our development time and costs. All of our engineers work on one codebase rather than needing specialists for each platform.”

          Kevin Kavanagh,
          CEO, Hiri

          Here's how they do it

          Industry leaders innovate with Qt

          The Complete Framework

          Qt is a complete development platform that includes of user-friendly APIs and libraries, as well as a wide variety of productivity-enhancing tools.

          Libraries & APIs   

          Extensive libraries and intuitive APIs making development faster.

          Design & development tools   

          Everything you need to design, develop, test and maintain your software.

          Qt Charts   

          Components for compelling data visualization design.

          I/O Classes   

          Handle streams, enable interoperability.

          Qt SQL   

          Access and manipulate data from a variety of databases.

          Qt Multimedia   

          Classes for streaming, audio, video, radio and camera functionality.

          Network and connectivity   

          Web integration, high- and low-level network and inter-process communication.

          Qt 6 QML book

          Out now: The Qt 6 QML book

          Online book

          This free book provides you with a walk-through of the different aspects of application development using the new Qt 6. It focuses on the Qt Quick technology and includes necessary information about writing C++ back-ends and extensions for Qt Quick.

          Enjoy a good read!

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