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        1. USE CASES

          By Industry

          Qt is used in 70+ industries: Discover how and why Qt is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Explore Customer Stories


          Create a unified user experience for your digital cockpit


          Transform your service and industrial automation strategy

          Consumer Electronics

          Create superior and fluid UIs for different devices and form factors


          Everything you need to create compliant software ensuring patient safety

          USE CASES

          By Platform Target

          Embedded Devices

          Get a real embedded environment out-of-the-box

          Microcontrollers (MCUs)

          Run high-performance GUIs on low performance microcontrollers

          Internet of Things

          Build code for lean things, gateways, devices, or UIs for any thing, any size.

          Desktop Applications

          Intuitive user interfaces are out in the market faster than ever before, shaping the superior competitive edge your customers see.

          Multiple Screens

          Create beautiful 2D/3D, AR/VR, or touch-based UIs that scale and perform

          Mobile Devices

          Offer your users continuity of engagement through companion apps