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        1. Qt Professional Services

          We're a think tank of subject matter experts and practitioners. We have deep knowledge and experience across all the phases of the software development lifecycle, from vision to implementation, and have helped industry leaders around the world make the revolutionary changes they envisioned. Let's build your world with Qt.

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          We help transform ideas into profitable growth. Fast and cost efficient.

          Business goals vary, but everyone needs to get to market fast. We make sure you do.

          Eliminate technical risks

          By validating the solution design in early iterations, there will be minimal rework required, and no interruptions in your way.

          Ensure faster deliveries

          How much would your project delays cost? The most important thing is to ensure that milestones can be achieved on time.

          Optimize performance

          Get help to enhance your boot time, runtime performance, reduce memory consumption and more. We know the exact possible tricks and trade-offs.

          Gain access to Qt R&D

          Work with the talented team that is now building features for the next generation of Qt. They want to learn about your project.

          End-to-End Project Lifecycle Management 

          Avoid using misaligned approaches and technologies that usually come with having large or disparate teams. 

          Whether we manage your project end-to-end or simply as a team extension for specific steps, we have experts ready to help drive your project to success.

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          Technology evaluation

          You have a big job ahead of you. Validate your product feasibility with us early to make sure that you meet your product requirements. It's about shaping your own growth.


          Requirements Workshop

          Let’s discuss your technology considerations and decide on the best match of Qt elements with selected hardware and OS platforms.

          Deliverables: Summary Report
          Duration: 2 days

          Qt Framework & Toolchain Tailoring

          You may wish something was different in Qt. Be it an extra feature, toolchain or custom SDK creation. We can make modifications to optimize Qt and adapt it to your workflow.  

          Qt Training - Beginner to Advanced

          Workshops involving tailored training and practical sessions will be arranged on your own site to make the best use of your time. At any stage. 

          Duration: 2 to 5 days 


          Proof of Concept

          Let's validate your ideas early on to test the feasibility and benchmark against your performance requirements. We have the know-how to implement your use case on your target hardware in no time.


          Qt Service - Proof of Concept

          Let us do the whole PoC for you or simply seek our advice. We eliminate risks early by helping you to rethink any substandard approach.

          Deliverables: PoC on your target hardware
          Duration: Typically 2 to 4 weeks 

          Qt Workshop - Technical

          Learn how to utilize Qt and take the approach that works best for your project. Invest your time wisely, save time later.

          Deliverables: Hands-on advice about Qt usage
          Duration: 1 to 2 days

          Qt Workshop - Technology Migration

          Working with a legacy framework or want to port to the latest version of Qt? We have wide experience in helping you get up and running cost efficiently.

          Deliverables: Evaluation, Recommendations and proposed actions 

          Duration: Typically 2 days


          Design and Implementation

          Get your architecture right from the start so that you ensure a solid foundation for your product. Make it performant, scalable and future-proof. Establish the right approach and you will quickly have a modern UI.


          Workshop - Software Architecture
          We will either design the software architecture with your team or review your design to meet your goals for performance and functionality.

          Deliverables: High-level architecture/report 

          Duration: 1 to 2 days on site workshop

          Qt Service - UX Design
          Our UI design services specialists will share in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in support of your product UX development. From a concept to the finished interface. 

          Qt Service – Implementation
          Our experience stretches beyond Qt to cover a wide variety of tools, methods, and standards. This means we can implement an entire Qt solution for you. 



          Looking for a way to optimize your solution to meet product requirements and market demands?  We can help you launch a first class product on time. 


          Qt Service – Optimization 
          Our performance specialists will analyze and optimize your product, resolving performance issues with any supported platform.  

          Qt Service – Extended Lifetime Support

          Embedded systems may be deployed for up to 20 years. Let us know if you need extended lifetime support for any Qt version. 



          Introducing automated testing in your application development offers several advantages, including faster development cycles and a reduced time-to-market, increased test coverage, faster detection of defects and more.

          Training Courses
          Get up to speed with Squish GUI Testing within 1-3 days. The agenda can be tuned according to your needs.  

          Consulting Services 
          Set up your GUI test automation and create the first set of tests together with our experienced automation engineers.  

          Test Development 
          Looking for help with creating test cases according to recommended guidelines?  

          Better returns for the companies worldwide

          Across 70+ industries our clients are using our skills to make real revenue leaps.